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Members of the Rubiaceae with leaves in whorls (rings))

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They are climbers or prostrate twining plants. Some have very narrow stems.

Family: Rubiaceae (Woodruff family).

Native and introduced species.

galium Cleavers (Galium aparine) Stout climber. Stems longer than 50cm, leaves and fruit prickly, will cling to clothing.
galium Field Madder (Sheradia arvensis). Slender, sprawling. Leaves of widest at the middle, flowers pink, floral leaves clustered around the flowers.
galium Slender bedstraw (Galium divaricatum) Slender,sprawling. Leaves narrow, of uniform width, in rings of 6 to 8. Fruit kidney-shaped.
galium Small Goosegrass *Galium murale. Leaves of uniform width, leaves in rings of 3 to 6, fruit narrow, separating at maturity.
galium Rough Bedstraw (Galium gaudichaudii) Slender, sprawling. Leaves in rings of 4, fruit ball shaped.
galium Common Woodruff (Asperula conferta) Flowers white. Flowers with a distinct tube.