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Cleavers - introduced (*Galium aparine)

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Family: Rubiaceae (Woodruff family).

Native of Europe.

Other names: Clivers, Goosefoot.

Occurrence: A widespread weed, particularly in disturbed areas. It also invades bushland.


Strictly, the leaves are paired. What appears to be the other leaves are stipules. The flowers rise from the leaf bases, not the stipule bases.

Similar species: There are several native Galium species. They are more slender, with stems about a millimetre in diameter.

Photos 1: Cleavers showing the whorled leaves and paired fruit. Castlemaine.
2: Cleavers climbing a tree trunk. Castlemaine Botanic Gardens.
3: Cleavers can form a dense clump The hooked bristles can cling to other parts of the plant. Gingell St, Castlemaine.