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Fescues - introduced (*Vulpia species)

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Vulpia species


Vulpias are annuals. The flower clusters (panicles) are usually narrow and one-sided. The first glume is less than or about equal to the lemmas. The first glume is much shorter (half to a tenth of the 1st glume). The lemmas are sideways compressed, and taper into a long straight (over 1cm) awn. The leaves are narrow.

Vulpias were once classified as festucas, hence the common name "fescue". All are introduced.

Wall Fescue Vulpia muralis is likely to be present in the district. Its first glume is 1-3mm long and the 2nd 4-10mm, the ratio of the two is between 1:2 and 1:4. The flowers are well clear of the leaves.

Rats-tail Fescue (*Vulpia myuros forma myuros)
Flower spray partly enclosed by the leaf sheaf. First glume 0.5-2mm long. Very common.
Squirrel-tail Fescue (*Vulpia bromoides)
1st glume 1st glume 2.5-5mm long. Flower spray well clear of the upper leaf sheath. Spray slender and one sided. Very common.
Fringed Fescue (*Vulpia ciliata)
emmas hairy over most of their length. Uncommon.