Plants of the Castlemaine District.

Bracken-like Ferns

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Bracken-like ferns are moderately sized and the leaves are 2-pinnate (twice divided) or 3-pinnate (thrice divided) fronds.

img Mother Shield-fern (Polystichum proliferum) Fronds 2-pinnate, light green, darken with age. Frond stalks rough with brown scales. Rare
img Tender Brake (Pteris tremula) A delicate fern. Fronds 3-pinnate, tufted (not creeping), light green. Rare.
img Common Ground-fern (Calochlaena dubia) Leaflets 3-4 pinnate, asymmetrical at base. Fronds pale green with pale hairs. Rare.
img Bracken (Pteridium esculentum) Fronds and stalks tough. Triangular wing between leaflets. Common.
img Ruddy Ground-fern (Hypolepis rugulosa) Fronds 3-pinnate, dark green and hairy. Stalks red. Rare.