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Hare's-foot Clover - introduced (*Trifolium arvense)

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Family: Fabaceae (Pea family).

Native to Europe and Asia.

Occurrence: A widespread weed in forest, roadsides, lawns and waste areas.

Identification: The narrow clover leaves and the tiny pink pea-flowers borne in furry egg-shaped clusters are distinctive, and make this clover easy to recognise

Similar Species: Narrow-leaf Clover (*Trifolium angustifolium) is more erect, and has longer, bristly flower-heads. Its leaves are much longer and much narrower, and may not at first be recognised as a clover.

Photos 1: R: Hare’s-foot Clover. It has furry flower heads and narrow trifoliate leaves. Midland Hwy at Barkers Creek.
2 - 4: Castlemaine.