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Small Medics - all introduced (*Medicago species)

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Other names: Trefoils.

Family: Fabaceae (Pea family).

Natives of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Medics resemble clovers. Both have leaves divided into three leaflets, and both have small, clustered pea flowers. Medics differ from clovers in that the seed pods are (usually) coiled, and often spiny (the burr medics), and the central leaflet is stalked. Clovers have small inconspicuous pods, and usually all of the leaflet stalks are the same length. Suckling Clover is an exception - it has a longer stalk on the central leaflet. Medics are important pasture plants.

Burr Medic (*Medicago polymorpha)


Occurrence: Widespread in lawns, roadsides and paddocks. It is probably the most common medic.


Photos: Burr Medic. 1: Spinelss seed pod. Nuggetty. 3-5. Castlemaine.
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Spotted Medic (*Medicago arabica)

Occurrence: Widespread.


Photos: Spotted Medic. Castlemaine.

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Black Medic (*Medicago lupulina)

Occurrence: Not often recorded.


Photo: Black Medic. Castlemaine North.

A shrubby Medic (Lucerne)