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Narrow-leaf Clover - introduced (*Trifolium angustifolium)

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Family: Fabaceae (Pea family).

Native of the Mediterranean region.

Occurrence: A widespread and common weed in bushland, roadsides, fields and waste areas.


Narrow-leaf Clover is an erect annual, usually growing to 20-30 cm high. The leaves wither after flowering. The leaflets of this clover are much narrower than other clovers.

Similar species: Hare’s-foot Clover also has flowers clustered into a cylindrical head, and is softly furry. Its leaves are wider, and not as long, and its flower clusters are furry, not spiky.

Photo 1: Top: Narrow-leaf Clover. The leaflets are long and narrow and the flower cluster has a spiky appearance. Erskine’s Historic Reserve, Dunolly.
2: Castlemaine township.
3, 4: Narrow-leaf Clover. Downes Road, Castlemaine.