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Rough Sow-thistle - introduced (*Sonchus asper)

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Other names: Prickly Sow-thistle, Milk Thistle.

Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family). Native of Europe.

Occurrence: Widespread weed in disturbed bushland, roadsides and waste areas. It is also an environmental weed.


This is a variable species, with two subspecies occurring in Central Victoria.
Subspecies asper: A slender annual. Stem is less than 1 cm in diameter. Leaves are mostly along the stem, and are shallowly lobed.
Subspecies glaucescens: A robust annual or biennial. Stem is 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Leaves are in a basal rosette and along the stems. Leaves leathery, often bluish. Leaves deeply lobed.

Similar species: The very common Sow Thistle (*Sonchus oleraceus) has leaves which are variably lobed and are toothed, but the margins are not spiny. The leaves are not rounded at the base but pointed.

Photos: Top R: Rough Sow-thistle from above. 2-5: Rough Sow thistle. Castlemaine Botanic Gardens. Castlemaine.

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