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Blackberry - page 2 (*Rubus species)

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I have only tried to identify only a few of the local blackberrys. The blackberry microspecies most likely to be found are described below.


Rubus anglocandicans

First year canes more or less hairless. Anthers exceed the stigmas. Leaves 3 or 5 foliate.

Under-surface of the leaflets are felted and have some longer hairs.

Image: Belltopper.


Rubus ulmifolius

First-year canes purplish, coved with white scales with age. Anther and stigmas at the same level. The undersurfaces of the leaflets are evenly felted.

Image: Lewis Road, Walmer.


Rubus laciniatus

Leaves deeply dissected. Southern districts.

Image: Lal Lal.

Rubus polyanthemus

Stalked glands on flower stalks, sepals or branches. Under-surface of the leaves green to hairless.

No photo available.