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Blackberry - introduced (*Rubus fruticosus sp. agg.)

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Family: Rosaceae (Rose family).

Native of Europe.

Occurrence: A widespread and common weed, particularly in places with added moisture e.g. along creeks.

Identification: Blackberry is made up of a complex of varieties and microspecies. The complex is often referred to as "Rubus fruticosus species aggregate." Blackberry canes have first-year and second-year canes. The leaves on the first-year canes are used in distinguishing between species. The flowers and fruit are on the second-year canes.

Blackberry is a noxious weed and is listed as Regionally Controlled in central Victoria.

The seeds may be spread by birds or mammals (e.g. foxes). The dense thickets provide shelter for rabbits and foxes.

Similar Species: Native Raspberry is a smaller plant. It has smaller leaves, the leaves have three or five leaflets, with lobes which are attached to the central leaf stalk. The leaflets are toothed to shallowly lobed. The ripe fruit are red.

Photos 1: The leaves have five leaflets. Happy Valley Road.
2: Ripe and unripe fruit. 3: Blackberry in flower. Castlemaine Botanic Gardens x 2
4: Dense growth of blackberry smothers other vegetation. Castlemaine Botanic Gardens. 5. First year growth with trifoliate leaves. The leaflets are not lobed. Golden Point.

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