Plants of the Castlemaine District

Hill Flat-pea - native (Platylobium montanum subsp. montanum)

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Family: Fabaceae (Pea family).

Native of Australia.

Hill Flat-pea is small shrublet. It is widespread, but is much more abundant in the forests south of Castlemaine. The flowers are in clusters from the leaf bases.


Until 2011, all of the Flat Peas in the district were known as Handsome Flat-pea (Platylobium formosum). This was a varied mix, of heart-shaped, stalkless opposite-leaved shrublets to quite prostrate plants with long-stalked non-opposite leaves. Since then, three forms have been named.

Platylobium montanum subspecies montanum Hill Flat-pea. Shrublet with leaves paired, stalkless, heart-shaped. The common species.

Prostrate Flat-pea. Platylobium montanum subspecies prostratum. Prostrate. Leaves singly or in opposite pairs. Leaves mostly heart-shaped. Uncommon.

Round-leaf Flat-pea Platylobium rotundum. Prostrate. Leaves round, stalked, not paired. Uncommon.

The name montanum was chosen because this flat-pea grows close to the Great Dividing Range.

Photos 1, 2: Fryerstown.