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Water Milfoils - natives (Myriophyllum crispatum and M. verrucosum)

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Family: Haloragaceae (Raspwort family).

Natives of Australia.

Occurrence: Widespread and common in shallow water and shallow slow moving streams. There are numerous species. Common Milfoil (Myriophyllum crispatum) and Red Water Milfoil (M. verrucosum) are the most common.


Similar weed species: M. aquaticum is an aquarium escape. Both submerged and exposed leaves are in rings around the stem, the leaves are deeply toothed (like the teeth of a comb) and are bluish-green in colour.

Photos: Photo 1, 2: Common Water Milfoil (green) and Red Water Milfoil.
3: Common Water Milfoil. Ringwood garden. 4: Red Water Milfoil. Banks of the Loddon River at Newstead.
5: Common Water Milfoil. Vaughan. 6. Red Water Milfoil, in shallow Tullaroop Reservoir.
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