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Annual Fog - native (*Holcus annuus)

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annual fog grass annual fog grass annual fog grass annual fog grass

Native to the Mediterranean region. Annual. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: Holcus setosus.

Occurrence: Uncommon.


It resembles Yorkshire Fog. It differs in that the glumes of Annual Fog are awned with an awn at least a millimetre long (and up to 5mm long). Yorkshire Fog is awnless, or with a short awn less than a millimetre long. The leaf blades, the glumes and (usually) the stalks are hairy. As with Yorkshire Fog, the flowers are clustered into a more or less egg-shaped cluster.

It is an environmental weed.

holkus: sorghum (Greek); annua: annual.

1: Annual Fog. 2,3: The glumes are conspicuously awned. 4: Glumes. Gowar.