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Geranium - probably introduced (*Geranium species 5)

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Family: Geraniaceae (Geranium family).

Country of origin not known. This geranium has only been found growing in weedy locations, and has not been recorded in more or less intact bushland, so it is presumed to be introduced. A search of overseas sources has not found a match. As yet, it has not been formally named, and so is referred to as Species 5, one of a group geraniums without a formal scientific name.

Occurrence: Locally abundant. Nature strips, weedy grassland.


As with other members of the geranium family, the fruit are beaked.

Photos 1: Geranium. Kennedy St.
2: Dense clumps with grassy weeds. Deadhorse Gully.
3: Constable Cres. All: Castlemine.

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