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Queensland Blue-grass - native (Dichanthium sericeum)

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bluegrass blue-grass blue-grass

Other names: Blue-grass.

Uncommon. A record from Moolort.

Native. Perennial or annual. C4.


Queensland Blue-grass is a windmill grass - the flowers are arranged on radiating arms.

Queensland Blue-grass (Dichanthium sericeum) is similar in appearance to Redleg Grass. Redleg Grass has reddish stems, a conspicuous sunken pit on the lower glumes, and the nodes (of the stems) are hairless or almost so (any hairs less than 1mm). The nodes of Queensland Blue-grass are densely hairy (2mm long), and the glumes are not pitted.

dicha: divided into two, anthos: flower, referring to the two kinds of spikelets sericeum: with silky hairs.

L1,2: Flowers are on more or less erect upright arms. R. Above and under views of the radiating arms. Garden specimens.