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Redleg Grass - native (Bothriochloa macra)

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redleg grass redleg grass redleg grass redleg grass

Native. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).



It can be hard to determine the make up of the floral parts. The spikelets occur in twos or threes. The upper spikelets are stalked and the spikelet is reduced to a single glume. The lower stalkless spikelet is 5-7mm long (excluding the awn), has a tuft of silky hairs at the base, and is awned with the awn about as long as the lemma.

Queensland Blue-grass (Dichanthium sericeum) is similar in appearance to Red-leg Grass. Red-leg Grass has a conspicuous sunken pit on the lower lemmas, and the nodes (of the stems) are hairless or almost so (any hairs are less than 1mm), and the stems are usually reddish. The nodes of Queensland Blue-grass are densely hairy (2mm long), the glumes are not pitted and the stems are not reddish.

Bothrion: a small pit; chloe: a grass, referring to the pit in the lower glumes; macer: lean, meagre, referring to the thin leaves.

1: Recently opened flowers. The arms are still close together. (Strathlea). 2: Radiating arms. 3: The arms are conspicuously hairy and bristly. 4: Sunken pits on the glumes.