Plants of the Castlemaine District

Inland Noon-flower (Carpobrotus modestus)

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Family: Aizoaceae (Pigface family).

Native of Australia.

Occurrence: Uncommon in Central Victoria. It is a common plant of inland Australia.


Inland Noon-flower is most common in mallee areas, but extends over much of Victoria

Similar species: The native Coast Pigface is a common plant along the coastline. It does not extend far inland. Introduced Chilean Pigface is a common garden pigface, and occurs as a weed, especially from dumping of garden refuse. It has longer leaves (more than 7 times as long as wide), has more petals, and the leaves are not purplish.

Carpobrotus: meaning bearing edible fruit, from the first described species.

1: Inland Noon-flower. Dareton.
2: Inland Noon-flower. Muckleford.
3: Inland Noon-flower. Dareton. Photo taken late afternoon. The flowers do not open until about midday.