Common Sheep's Burrs - local native (Acaena echinata)

Australian Sheep's Burrs - local native (Acaena ovina)

Hairy Sheep's Burrs - local native (Acaena agnifila)

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Hybrid Sheep's Burr

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Family: Rosaceae (Rose family).

Natives of southern Australia.

Occurrence: Common Sheep's Burr (A. echinata) is the most widespread and abundant of the Sheep's Burrs.

Identification of Sheep's Burrs:

The fruit have barbed spines which catch in the hides of animals, and in clothing, which aids in dispersal. They are often regarded as pasture weeds.

Name: acaena: from the Greek akanthos: a thorn.

Common Sheep's Burr (Acaena echinata) . Mostly hairless. The hairs on the undersurface of the leaves are along the main vein. The spines are of unequal length. Common.
Australian Sheep's Burr (Acaena ovina) Both leaf surfaces hairy. The spines on the fruit are of unequal length. Moderately common.
Hairy Sheep's Burr (Acaena agnifila) Both leaf surfaces hairy. Spines on the fruit about the same length. Moderately common.

Photos 1: Mature fruit of Common Sheep's Burr. Its spines are of unequal length.Common Sheep's Burr in flower.
2, 3: Below left. Common Sheep's Burr in flower.
4: Below centre Woolly Sheep's Burr. The spines are of unequal length.
All photos: Castlemaine.
Scale bar = 1 cm

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