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New Holland Daisies - native (Vittadinia species)

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Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family).

Natives of Australia.

Occurrence: Widespread and fairly common in woodlands and grasslands.


The first two species (listed below) are common in Central Victoria:

Common New Holland Daisy (V. cuneata)

The stems may have hairs but is never covered with dense cottony hairs. The seeds have hairs on the marginal ribs.

Woolly New Holland Daisy (V. gracilis)

Dense cottony hairs, particularly on the young stems. The seeds have hairs on the marginal ribs.

Mueller's New Holland Daisy (Vittadinia muelleri

Leaves narrow with 1-3 lobes. Leaves with scattered hairs. The seeds have hairs on the ribs, but not on the marginal ribs. Rib hairs short and pressed against the seed. Rare.

Photo 1, 2: Common New Holland Daisy. The leaves are often folded along the mid-vein. Golden Square and Muckleford.
3: Woolly New Holland Daisy. Wyuna.

imgimg vm Right: Herbarium specimen. Mueller's New Holland Daisy. Redesdale.