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Eelweed - native (Vallisneria australis)

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Family: Hydrocharitaceae.

Native of Australia and South-eastern Asia

Occurrence: A widespread plant of still and flowing water. It may grow in water from a few centimetres to about four metres deep.


The leaves are often coated with slime. The slime is beneficial to the health of the water, and aids in removal of impurities. In northern areas Ribbonweed may grow densely and block irrigation channels.

Similar species: Water Ribbons Triglochin procera also has long, strap-shaped leaves. The leaves usually float flat on the surface, and the stout flower spike is held well above the water.

Photo 1, 2: Leaves. 3: Dense patch of Eelweed. Campaspe River, Kyneton.


4: Eelweed, with long spiral female flower stalks. Maldon farm dam.