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Wandering Tradescantia - introduced (*Tradescantia fluminensis)

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Other names: Wandering Jew, Tradescantia albiflora.

Family: Commelinaceae.

Native of South America.

Occurrence: A weed of damp shaded places. Most of Central Victoria is too dry for this weed to thrive.


Wandering Tradescantia is a troublesome weed in some Melbourne suburbs, particularly along shaded creeklines.

Tradescantia is named in honour of J Tradescant, who was a gardener for Charles I of England.

Photo 1: Wandering Tradescantia. Blackburn. 2: It can root from the nodes. 3: Dense growth along Gardiners Creek. Blackburn. 4: Variegated form. Verlin St, Castlemaine.