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Dandelion - introduced (*Taraxacum officinale)

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Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family). Native of Europe.

Occurrence: A widespread but usually not very common weed of roadsides, bushland, lawns and waste areas.


Dandelion is often confused with the very common and abundant Catís-ear. Dandelion has been used as a medicinal and food plant.

What is known as Dandelion is a complex of forms. Identification of the forms is difficult, and in this publication all have been lumped together under the unofficial term Taraxacum officinale.

The name Dandelion is a corruption of Dent de Lion, i.e. Tooth of the Lion, referring to the teeth on the leaves.

Photos 1: Flowers showing the curled back bracts. 2: Bud, flower and seed head. 3: The lobes of the leaves point backwards. All: Castlemaine.