Plants of the Castlemaine District

Grass Trigger-plants - natives (Stylidium species)


Common Trigger-plant (Stylidium armeria)

Grass Trigger-plant (Stylidium graminifolium)

The obvious difference between the two trigger-plants is in the width of the leaves.

Both species grow in the district. A survey during the flowering season is desirable to determine the relative abundance of each.

Family: Stylidiaceae.


Occurrence: Widespread and common.

The flowers have a hammer-like knob on a bent arm. When the arm is touched by a visiting insect, it springs forward to attach pollen, or remove pollen, from the insect (and hence "trigger-plant"). The flower colour ranges from almost white to pale pink to deep pink. Trigger-plants are common in the alpine regions, where the flower colour is usually deep pink.

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