Plants of the Castlemaine District

Hundreds and Thousands - native (Stylidium inundatum)


Family: Stylidiaceae.


Occurrence: Uncommon. Grows in seasonally wet places e.g. mud flats. It may be abundant, the massed tiny flowers resembling the "Hundreds and Thousands" confection.

The flowers have a hammer-like knob on a bent arm. When the arm is touched by a visiting insect, it springs forward to attach pollen, or remove pollen, from the insect (and hence "trigger-plant").


Photo 1: Rise and Shine. 2: Kalimna. 3: Kamarooka.


Small Trigger-plant (Stylidium despectum) is another tiny trigger-plant that may also grow in the district. Its petals are paired vertically so that the flowers are taller than wide.