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Buffalo Grass - introduced (*Stenotaphrum secundatum)

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buffalo grass buffalo grass buffalo grass

Native to North America. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


It is often planted in Melbourne nature strips and lawns. Like Kikuyu, it grows best in well-watered sandy soil. The flowers are in narrow spike-like clusters. Each spikelet is in a small cluster. The lower spikelets are stalkless, and the upper spikelets are on short stalks which are pressed against the main stalk.

Buffalo Grass differs from Kikuyu in that its ligule is a fringed membrane 0.5-1mm long, its leaves are blunt-ended, and its flowers are recessed into the stems. Couch Grass is much more slender, and has windmill flowers.

Buffalo Grass is widespread in the Melbourne area and beach areas.

stenos: narrow; taphros: a trench, the spikelets are in grooves in the main stalk; secundus; one sided.

1-3: Buffalo Grass from a Preston nature strip. Note the tiny glumes.