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Sandspurrey - natives? (Spergularia species)

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Family: Caryophyllaceae (Chickweed, Carnation family).

Occurrence: Widespread. Often growing on bare ground, including footpaths and on roadside gravel.


There is considerable doubt about the correct identity of this⁄these plant(s). They were formerly included with Red Sandspurrey (Spergularia rubra) but is it is now thought that there are two or more species. Some of these do not correspond to any overseas plants, and may be undescribed native species. Red Sandspurrey is a native of Europe.

Photos 1: Sandspurrey. Photographed in 1980 as Red Sandsurrey (Spergularia rubra). Its correct identity isprobably Spergularia species 3. Castlemaine.
2: Sandspurrey. Chewton oval. 3, 4: Castlemaine. These plants do not yet have formal scientific names. They may be native.