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Black Nightshade - introduced (*Solanum nigrum)

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Other names: Blackberry Nightshade.

Family: Solanaceae (Potato family).

Native of Europe.

Occurrence: A common weed of degraded farmland, roadsides and waste areas.


This plant is sometimes called Deadly Nightshade, a name generally given to a different species (Altropa belladonna).

Similar species: White-tip Nightshade has leaves that are paler beneath, petals that are narrower, and the fruit stalks are bent sharply back.

Photos 1: Black Nightshade growing in a stone wall. Forest Creek, Castlemaine.
2: Black Nightshade. Lake Pertobe. 3: Enlargement of part of photo 2.
4: Numerous Black Nightshade along Dead Horse Gully. Castlemaine. 5: Berries. Forest Creek.

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