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Quena - native (Solanum esuriale)

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Native of mainland Australia.

Family: Solanaceae (Potato family).

Occurrence: A plants of northern Victoria, often on seasonally inundated areas.


Silver-leaf Nightshade (*Solanum elaeagnifolium) is also found in northern Victoria. Differences beween the two are

*Silver-leaf NightshadeQuena
SizeAn erect shrublet to 60 cm or more. Usually sprawling and less than 15 cm tall.
Spines Stem prickly at base; regrowth usually very prickly.Usually without prickles. Sometimes a few at the base.
Leaves Silver-green with wavy edge. Often prickly on the underside. Grey green.
Fruit A round berry. Ripe fruit is a dull orange. A round or conical berry with a nipple. Ripe fruit is a dull yellow.

Silver-leaf Nightshade is a declared noxious weed in Victoria. Quena is an aboriginal food plant. There are several other native solanums that grow in inland Australia.

imgimgPhotos: 1: Quena. Boort. 2,3: Silver-leaf Nightshade. The stems have prickles.