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Slender Pigeon-grass - introduced (*Setaria parviflora)

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Whorled Pigeon-grass

flowers setaria lemma

Native to temperate South America. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: Setaria gracilis.

Slender Pigeon-grass is uncommon. It is an occasional street weed.


The flowers are clustered into a cylindrical cluster (a condensed panicle) which is about 5mm wide. The lemmas have a pointed tip. Bristles rise from the base of the spikelets. The bristles have have barbs which point upwards i.e. the reverse of barbs on a spear.

Setaria: from seta, a bristle; gracilis slender, gracile.

1: A Castlemaine street weed. Berkely St. 2: The flower cluster is dense and about 5mm across. 3: The bristles remain when the spikelets are shed. Dried specimen. Castlemaine.