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Purple-leaf Groundsel - native (Senecio phelleus)

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Other names: Slender Groundsel, Senecio tenuiflorus.

Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family).

Native of eastern Australia.

Occurrence: It is a very common bushland plant, and may persist in cleared farmland.


Similar species: The native Cotton Fireweed is similar in habit and shape. It differs in that the plant has numerous cottony hairs, so that the plant has a grey appearance.

Photos 1: Part of a flower cluster. Maldon. 2: Flowers from above. Barkly.3: The plant is setting fruit. Barkly.
4: Part of a flower cluster. Castlemaine.
5: The groundsel germinated and flowered profusely after a control burn. Spring Gully Road.
6: The purple undersurface is a characteristic feature.
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