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Roly Poly- native and introduced (Salsola tragus)

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Other names: Prickly Saltwort, formerly known as Salsola kali.

Family: Chenopodiaceae (Saltbush family).

Cosmopolitan. Native of Europe and (possibly) Australia.

Occurrence: Roly Poly is uncommon in the Central Goldfields. It is more common in northern Victoria and inland Australia.


Roly Poly is the tumbleweed of North America. The round bush is blown by wind, and the bushes may pile up at fences. There is speculation that there may be both introduced and native populations of Roly Poly. Roly Poly has a high oxalate content and can be poisonous to stock.

Photo 1: Branch of Roly Poly. Pangarinda Aboretum, S.A.
2: Roly Poly piled against the boundary fence. Macorna Cemetery.
3: Roly Poly at paddock corner. Mallee.