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Striped Wallaby-grass - native (Rytidosperma racemosum)

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lemma raceme wallaby-grass wallaby-grass

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Alternative names: Danthonia racemosa, Austrodanthonia racemosa.


This is an unusual wallaby grass in that the flower clusters are usually not branched - the spikelets are attached to the main stem by short stalks. The lemma is distinctive - it is narrow, some of the upper hair tufts are missing, the base of the awn is rather stout, and the callus (at the base of the lemma) is elongated (1.5mm or more) and narrow. As a result the florets protrude from the glumes

Left top: Lemma. Underneath view. The palea is almost transparent. The base of the awn is stout, and the callus is long and narrow.
Left 2: These Wallaby Grasses have persisted in this Doveton St lawn for over 100 years. Perennial grasses can usually withstand mowing, but not cultivation or herbicide.
3: The spikelets are attached to the main stem by short stalks. The spiklets protrude from the lemmas. 4: Lemma. The lemmas lobes taper rather abruptly into fine bristles. Fryerstown.

raceme: stalked flowers are attached to the main stalk.