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Kneed Wallaby-grass - native (Rytidosperma geniculatum)

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kneed wallaby-grass kneed wallaby-grass

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Alternative names: Danthonia geniculata, Austrodanthonia geniculata.


It is a slender grass, growing usually to 40-50cm. The stalk is often bent, hence "kneed".

Its lemmas resemble those of Red-anther Wallaby-grass. Kneed Wallaby-grass is a smaller, much more slender plant, with a more contracted flower cluster, and its anthers are not a showy red-orange.

The slender habit, the lemmas with uniformly scattered hairs, and the often bent stalk are distinctive.

genus: knee, ulus diminutive; ata: possessing, referring to the bent stalk.

1: The lemma body has a dense covering of hairs. Castlemaine. 2: Flower cluster is compact.