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Brown-backed Wallaby-grass - native (Rytidosperma duttonianum)

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brown-backed wg brown-backed wallaby-grass

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Alternative names: Danthonia duttoniana, Austrodanthonia duttoniana.



The lemma back is shiny and a clear golden-brown when mature.

The shiny, golden-brown lemma back is distinctive.

duttoniana: in honour of J.Dutton, b1863, field assistant, Bathurst Agricultural Station, N.S.W.

1. Lemma. The awned part of the side lobes is about equal to the flat part of the lobes, and often twine around the central lobe. Here they are twining together. 2: Flower cluster. Baringhup West.