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Short Wallaby-grass - native (Rytidosperma carphoides)

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short wallaby-grass short wallaby-grass short wallaby-grass

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Short Wallaby-grass is a uncommon, but may be locally abundant.

Alternative names: Danthonia carphoides, Austrodanthonia carphoides.


It is a short grass (usually 30cm or less high), usually in native grasslands.

Short Wallaby-grass is a distinctive grass: the side lobes of the lemmas taper into a very short point (c1mm or less), the central awn only just exceeds the lateral lobes, and the flower clusters are small and more or less egg-shaped.

carphoides: carpha (a kind of sedge); -oides (like).

Bottom left: Short Wallaby-grass as a garden plant, with Everlastings (Chrysocephalum species). Centre: The lemma has a much shorter awn and much shorter bristles on the lemma lobes than the other wallaby grasses of the district. Right: The flower cluster is compact.