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Onion Grass - introduced (*Romulea rosea)

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Family: Iridaceae (Iris family).

Native of South Africa.

Occurrence: A very common and widespread weed in paddocks, roadsides, waste areas and bushland.


The corms are a food source for cockatoos and corellas. Although called Onion Grass, it is neither a grass nor a member of the onion family.

Similar species: Small-flowered Onion Grass (R. minutiflora) is a smaller plant, with smaller and paler flowers, and the petals have blunt tips. It is widespread but less common than Onion Grass.

Both are environmental weeds.


1: Whole plant.
2: Flowers of Onion Grass and Small Onion Grass. Castlemaine. The petals of Small Onion Grass are blunt, and usually paler, and smaller. Doveton St, Castlemaine.
3, 4: Flowers with a yellow centre.