Plants of the Castlemaine District

Chamomile Sunray - native (Rhodanthe anthemoides)

Paper Sunray - native (Rhodanthe corymbiflora)

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t Family: Asteraceae (Daisy family).

Other names. Formerly classified as Helipterum.

Occurrence: Both have been recorded in the greater Castlemaine area. Paper Sunray is more common in mallee districts, and Chamomile Sunray is more common in alpine areas.


The two daisies differ
Paper Daisy (Rhodanthe corymbiflora). Flower stalk branched, leaves greyish with dense short hairs.
Chamomile Sunray (Rhodanthe anthemoides). Flower stalk unbranched. Leaves with scattered hairs.

Photos below: 1: Chamomile Sunray. The stalk is uunbranched.
2: Paper Sunray. St Arnaud. 3: Paper Sunray. Mt Herbert (Ravenswood).

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