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Weld - introduced (*Reseda luteola)

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Other names: Wild Mignonette.

Family: Resedaceae ( Mignonette family).

Native of the Mediterranean region.

Occurrence: A weed of waste places, roadsides etc.


Weld is a proclaimed noxious weed and is listed as Regionally Restricted in central Victoria.


Weld is increasing in abundance in the Castlemaine district.

Weld has been used to produce dyes for cotton and wool.

Photos 1: Portion of a juvenile plant.
2, 3: Weld in a revegtation area. Forest Creek.
4: In flower.
5, 6, 7: The plant may be sparsely or much branched. Castlemaine.
8: Weld beside the Loddon River. Guildford.

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