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Pussy-tails and Pink Mulla Mulla - natives (Ptilotus species)

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Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth family).

Natives of Eastern Australia.

Occurrence: Grassland plants, particularly on alluvial or basalt plains.


  • the leaves are mostly (in the these two species) in a basal clump
  • the leaves are spathulate (i.e. an elongated oval with a tapering base, like a spoon)
  • flowers are clustered into fluffy-looking oval clusters (and hence Pussy-tail, and Lambs-tail).
  • The two most common species in Central Victoria are Pussy-tails (Ptilotus spathulatus) and Pink Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus exaltatus.)

    Similar species: Narrow-leaf Clover Trifolium angustifolium is sometimes confused with these plants. Narrow-leaf Clover has very narrow trifoliate leaves, and the flower clusters are narrower and less soft, and the individul flowers are pea flowers.

    VROTS: endangered.

    Name: exaltatus: tall; spathulatus: spoonshaped.


    Photos: Top L: Pussy-tails. Boort. Top R: Pink Mulla Mulla. Silver City Highway.
    3: Pussy-tails south of Boort. 4: Pink Mulla Mulla. Budgerum Cemetery.