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Bristle-tail Grass - introduced (*Psilurus incurvus)

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psilurus psilurus

Native to Europe. Annual. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Occurrence: Uncommon.


A grass with small leaves and narrow, curved stems. Unlike Rye Grass, the spikelets have only a single (fertile) lemma, which is awned. The awns are about as long as the rest of the lemmas. The glumes are very small (c 1mm). The stems are jointed between the flowers. The spikelets may also have a sterile, unawned lemma.

Mat Grass (Hemarthria uncinata) may also have curved flower-spikes. It has much coarser stems, the glumes are larger and the spikelets are paired.

psilos: slender; oura: a tail, referring to the very narrow flower spike; incurvus: curved inwards.

Photos 1: The stems are curved inwards. Castlemaine. 2: Spikelets. The glumes are very small, the lemmas are awned, and the stems jointed between the flowers.