Plants of the Castlemaine District

Blunt Pondweed - native (Potamogeton ochreatus)

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Family: Potamogetonaceae.


Occurrence: Grows in water.


  • it grows submerged in water
  • the leaves are narrow, paired and stalkless
  • the leaves have three longitudinal veins, with finer veins between these
  • the tips of the leaves are rounded (and hence the name "blunt").
  • Images 1: Blunt Pondweed. Metcalfe. 2: Enlargement of image 1.

    Three species of Potamogeton have been recorded locally
    Floating Pondweed (P. tricarinatus). Some leaves floating. Floating leaves oval, on long stalks.
    Curly Pondweed (P. crispus). All leaves submerged. Leaves finely toothed, wavy (i.e. not flat), leaves without very fine veins between the main veins.
    Blunt Pondweed (P. ochreatus.) All leaves submerged. Leaves not toothed, not wavy, rounded at the ends, with fine veins between the main leaf veins.