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Lombardy Poplar - introduced (*Populus nigra 'Italica')

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Other names: Italian Poplar.

Family: Salicaceae (Willow family).

Native of Asia.

Occurrence: Lombardy Poplar is widely planted. In some places it is spreading as a weed plant, particularly along streams.


Lombardy Poplar is a deciduous tree. It is sometimes planted in avenues. It prefers moist sites. It can grow from root and stem fragments.

nigra: black, from the colour of the bark of the first described species; Italica: from its abundance in Italy.

Photos 1: Young Lombardy Poplars. Old Calder Highway, Harcourt North.
2: Seedling poplars. Kennedy St, Castlemaine.
3: Leaves. Kennedy St.
Leaves. Midland Highway, Yapeen. The yellow leaves are autumn leaves.