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Water Bent - introduced (*Polypogon viridis)

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water bent water bent water bent water bent

Native to Asia, Africa and Europe. Annual. C3.

Occurrence. A grass of wet areas.


It resembles a compact-flowered Agrostis or Lachnagrostis in that it has a small spikelets (1.5-2.5mm) with a single, thin-walled lemma, which is smaller than the glumes. The spikelets fall off entire i.e. with the glumes and lemma together. Uncommon, recorded from only a few places in Victoria.

It differs from other Polypogon species in that the glumes are not awned.

poly: many; pogon: beard, referring to the awned glumes (of other Polypogon species); viridis: green.

1, 2: Spikelets. The glumes and lemma fall as a unit. 3: Flower cluster. 4: Water Bent. All: Glenluce.