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Annual Beard-grass - introduced (*Polypogon monspieliensis)

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beard-grass beard-grass beard-grass glumes

Native to Asia, Africa and Europe. Annual. C3.

Occurrence. It is a plant of wet areas e.g. drainage lines beside roads, creek banks, reservoir edges etc.


A distinctive grass: the long-awned glumes give this grass a bearded appearance. The cluster has a soft grey-green colour.

The flowers form a compact more or less cylindrical cluster (a panicle).

Polypogon: many beards, referring to the numerous awned spikelets; monspeliensis: from the Roman name for Montpellier.

1,2,3: Flower clusters. Awned glumes are uncommon, and they give this grass its bearded appearance. Forest Creek. 4: Portion of the flower cluster. Awned glumes.