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Wireweed - introduced (*Polygonum aviculare)

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Other names: Hogweed, Knotweed.

Family: Polygonaceae (Persicaria, Dock family).


Occurrence: A widespread and common weed. It is a common pasture and garden weed, but can grow in hard, dry areas.


  • it is a prostrate, wiry, much-branched plant
  • it has a strong tap-root
  • the leaves are oval, and about a centimetre long
  • the flowers are small and white to pale pink.
  • Similar species: Small Knotweed is similar in habit, but is a plant of drying lake beds and similar places. Its stems are often reddish, the lateral veins on the underside of the leaves are not visible, and the leaf-edges usually curl downwards.

    Photo 1: Wireweed in flower.
    2: Wireweed. Growing in a cracked footpath. Castlemaine.
    3: Close-up of flowers and leaves.