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Soft Tussock-grass - native (Poa morrisii)

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poa morrisii poa morrisii poa morisii poa morrisii

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


Soft Tussock-grass resembles Grey Tussock-grass, except that the stalks and leaves are softly hairy with spreading hairs to about 1mm long. The leaves are often greyish. The glumes are also often shortly hairy. A variety of Grey Tussock-grass also has hairy leaves; these hairs are short and stiff, less than 0.5mm and usually inclined to the leaf surface.

Poa: grass (Greek); morrisii: in honour of Patrick Francis Morris, 1896-1974, Australian botanist.

1: Spikelets. Castlemaine. 2,3: Garden specimens. 4: A softly hairy leaf. The leaf blade is rolled into a cylinder.