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Common Tussock-grass - native (Poa labillardierei)

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Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

It is moderately common in damper areas e.g. Mt Alexander, or along creek flats.


It is a conspicuous tussock grass. The tussocks are much larger than those of Grey Tussock-grass, and the flower-stalks are longer (to over a metre).

Poa labillardierei is widely planted as an ornamental grass; gardeners often refer to it is as "Poa lab".

labillardierei: in honour of Jacques Julian Houtlan de Labillardiere, 1755-1834, French botanist and explorer.

Photo 1: Beside the Loddon River at Vaughan. 2: Garden specimens. Castlemaine. 3: Spikelets. 4: On Mt Alexander.