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Radiata Pine - introduced (*Pinus radiata)

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Other names: Monterey Pine, Pinus insignia.

Family: Pinaceae (Pine family). Native of California.

Occurrence: Extensively planted. Often occurs as a plantation escape. An environmental weed: it colonises good quality bushland, and is increasing in numbers.


Radiata Pine is native to a small area of California. It has been widely planted in many countries. It is an undesirable weed because it suppresses growth of other plants, and alters the appearance of bushland.

Similar species: There are other pines that grow as weeds. Aleppo Pine has leaves in pairs, and is a lighter green colour.

1: Needles are in groups of 3.
2, 3: Male flowers and an asymmetrical cone (female)
4: Young pines invading bushland. Castlemaine North. 5: Radiata Pine plantation, Mt Franklin, c 1976. Pines can greatly modify nearby vegetation by suppressing growth of the understorey.