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Five-awned Spear-grass - native (Pentapogon quadrifidus)

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5-awned spear-grass 5-awned spear-grass 5-awned spear-grass

Native. Annual or short-lived perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


The 5-awned lemmas make this grass easy to recognise. The central awn is longest (10-25mm). The lemmas are two-lobed, and each lobe divides into two unequal awns.


Penta: five; pogon: beard, referring to the five-awned lemmas; quadrifidus: cleft half-way into four segments.

Photos 1: The contracted flower cluster. 2: Three spikelets, each with 2 glumes and lemma. 3: Five-awned Spear-grass. Wattle Flat.