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African Feather-grass - introduced (*Pennisetum macrourum)

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feather-grass feather-grass

Native to southern Africa. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


It is a tall grass to 1.5m or more. The bristles at the bases of the spikelets are rough-textured (scabrous) but not feathery. The bristles fall off with the spikelets when mature.

It is a noxious weed and is listed as Regionally Prohibited in central Victoria.

In the Flora of Victoria, 1994, the Victorian distribution of this grass is given as restricted to the Casterton region.

penna: feather; seta: a bristle, referring to the feathery bristles of some species; macrourum: with a long tail-like appendage, referring to the thicker bristle.

1: The bristles fall with the spikelets. One of the bristles is longer and stouter than the others. Yapeen. 2: The flower cluster. Some of the spikelets have fallen.